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The Teacher


Man teaches religion, tells us how to pray,
But Christ is the Teacher, He is the only Way.
O, if man could only see,
That it is only Christ who will set us free.
We are all in school, welcome to His class,
We do not want to fail, we want a grade that will pass.
The text book is the Bible, open it up and try,
Mary Magdalene said it best with her word, Rabboni!
The Teacher gives us lessons so that we learn,
Have you done your homework?, if not, the lesson will return.
The students are the apples of the Teacher’s eyes,
Graduating students don’t bring rotten ones when they die.
The student’s history is what they will leave,
The Book of Life is the diploma that they receive.
So put on that gown and crown for all eternity,
The Teacher now gives us our Master Degree.
a servant of the Lord



marriagesupper 7.jpg

What’s up with this Marriage of the Lamb?
Do we believe in it or is it a scam?
Is there proof in the pudding so we can see?
The evidence is in the Dowry.
The Dowry He gave was His Life,
He gave it to the Father for His Wife.
“Father, Into thy hands I commend my spirit”, He sang,
The Dowry was accepted and the Church bells rang.
The Holy Veil was lifted and the Earth did quake,
The dead arose to the Bridegrooms handshake.
Taking them out of the chamber of Sheol,
And into Paradise the betrothed will now go.
The Ring was sent at Pentecost in the upper room,
The baptismal of fire is the Dowry of the Groom.
Now we are no longer just friends,
Jesus now calls us to be His brethren.
Espouse our soul into His family,
The proof in the pudding is the Dowry.
Not just the Way of life, but also a Place,
The Dowry will be that look in His Face.
I Am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine,
Adorned in fine linen, it is time to dine.
The Dowry is proof that the Marriage is not a scam,
The Dowry is now Mr. & Mrs. Lamb.

a servant of the Lord

The Tribunal of Jesus Christ


(1Corinthians 15:51-57)

We were shown a mystery, that in the twinkling of an eye,
Is when the last Trumpet sounds and the saints will not have to die.
They will however have to put on a suit of immorality,
So that they will be fit to stand through all Eternity.
There are many other souls imprisoned inside a prison cell,
The grave is what is holding them in the penitentiary of hell.
The saints are changed into an incorruptible state,
The grave is now opened to find out the prisoner’s fate.
The Court shall summon both the living and the dead,
The living come freely and the ones in chains will be lead.
The saints will be judged first because they believed in the Lord,
The written Word of the Bible was their guiding Sword.
Enter in Exhibit A, the Affidavit, God’s Word to us,
That He would never leave or forsake us was His promise.
Enter in Exhibit B, the Blood, shed for remission of our sin,
The sting of death is pardoned for all of the Christians.
Enter in Exhibit C, the Cross, which is the Fruitful Tree,
Its seed produced the Resurrection and now the grave has no victory.
The Tribunal of Jesus Christ is our ABC’s,
The Public Defender rests His case and we are all set Free.
Not the same fortune for the accuser who is bound into chains,
Thrown into the Abyss of Hades is where he will remain.
The dead now enter in and as they come,
A probation period is given, it’s called the Millennium.
This is it, one final chance to come into the Truth,
For in one thousand years the devil will be loosed.
He will gather his troops before time expires,
This is the second death, it’s called the lake of fire.
So when the gavel comes down and Court is adjourned,
There will be no plea bargain because we were warned.
Just One Plea will be entered into the Book of Life,
It is Innocent, if we rest upon the Tribunal of Jesus Christ.

a servant of the Lord

The Two Sides of the Cross


On one side of the Cross hangs the Son,
This is the perfect Lamb’s sacrifice.
The other side shows the light of the Risen Son,
From the tomb that gives us Eternal Life.
On one side of the Cross shows His Love,
He gave His Life upon that tree.
The other side takes us up far above,
Where the soul is finally set free.
The one side of the Cross gives forgiveness,
From all of life’s pain and agony.
The other side reveals sinlessness,
A kingdom of goodness and ecstasy.
On one side of the Cross, It is finished,
Death being defeated was the thing.
The other side is witnessed,
By the blossoms that come forth in the spring.
On one side of the Cross is where Jesus died,
Into the Father’s hands went His Son.
The other side is where we abide,
It’s Life’s proof that freedom was won.
a servant of the Lord

No More Delay


There Will Be No More Delay

A day is as a thousand years,
And a thousand years is as a day.
No matter how we look at it,
There will be no more delay.
Creation has us at 6,000 years,
Which is over 200,000 days.
The sands of time are running out,
There will be no more delay.
Science has us at 200,000,000 years,
1,000 years times 200,000 days.
God is in control of everything,
There will be no more delay.
Before the 7th trumpet sounds,
The mystery of God will be accomplished in the last days.
Just as He announced to His servants the Prophets,
There will be no more delay.
6,000 years is at its end,
Which gives us our 7th day.
Remember the Sabbath day of rest?
There will be no more delay.
1,000 years of Jesus Christ,
Or the Lord’s Day.
All our work is rewarded now,
There will be no more delay.
The Groom is coming for His bride,
It is our Wedding Day.
Or 12,000 honeymoons,
There will be no more delay.
Goodbye to that thing called night,
For God will be the Light of our Day.
Yes, I Am coming soon,
There will be no more delay.
A day as a thousand years,
Or a thousand years as a day.
However long it seems to you,
There will be no more delay.
a servant of the Lord

Vice Has Overpowered Virtue


(Isaiah 1)

As a nation we have turned away,
As a church we have gone astray.
Does anybody have a clue?
Vice has overpowered virtue.
There’s mother earth and united nation’s deity,
False religions and hugging of tree’s.
Is it any wonder why God withdrew,
Vice has overpowered virtue.
I did it, I did it, it was me!
Anything else but Christianity.
What is it that man pursues?
Vice has overpowered virtue.
Our wine is mixed with water and our silver is dross,
We keep shedding innocent blood, forgetting the Cross.
Taxing the people for more revenue,
Vice has overpowered virtue.
Our leaders are rebellious and companions of thieves,
Their hands take bribes, amassing rewards that they receive.
Is not this what our forefathers overthrew?
Vice has overpowered virtue.
Do we defend the fatherless or the cause of the widow?
Harlots and murderers are what we bestow.
The wrath of God is long overdue,
Vice has overpowered virtue.
If we were obedient we would eat the good of the land,
But since we rebel, we will be smitten by His hand.
Every Word of the Bible is so true,
Vice has overpowered virtue.
Justice, prudence, temperance and fortitude,
Faith, hope and love is our beatitude.
Where have they gone?, they are not in our view,
Vice has overpowered virtue.
Rebuke the oppressor, don’t buy into his lie,
he is the one sentenced to die.
Let us give him a final adieu,
Vice has overpowered virtue.
The Lord says, Ah, I will rid Myself of My adversaries,
And take vengeance on My enemies.
This is what He will undo,
Vice has overpowered virtue.
a servant of the Lord

Were You My…


Were you my dreams, they would come true.
Were you my eyes, I would finally see.
Were you my ears, I would understand.
Were you my lips, they would remain soft.
Were you my tongue, I would tame my speech.
Were you my mouth, I would sing out songs.
Were you my teeth, they would smile so bright.
Were you my chin, I would hold it up.
Were you my spine, I would have backbone.
Were you my shoulders, they would find some rest.
Were you my arms, I would hold so dear.
Were you my hands, I would do His will.
Were you my fingers, they would heal.
Were you my legs, I would be able to stand.
Were you my feet, I would dance with joy.
Were you my knees, they would bow in prayer.
Were you my blood, I would not boil.
Were you my heart, I would ponder the treasure.
Were you my lungs, they would expand on life.
Were you my Lord, You would be Jesus Christ.
a servant of the Lord