The Tribunal of Jesus Christ


(1Corinthians 15:51-57)

We were shown a mystery, that in the twinkling of an eye,
Is when the last Trumpet sounds and the saints will not have to die.
They will however have to put on a suit of immorality,
So that they will be fit to stand through all Eternity.
There are many other souls imprisoned inside a prison cell,
The grave is what is holding them in the penitentiary of hell.
The saints are changed into an incorruptible state,
The grave is now opened to find out the prisoner’s fate.
The Court shall summon both the living and the dead,
The living come freely and the ones in chains will be lead.
The saints will be judged first because they believed in the Lord,
The written Word of the Bible was their guiding Sword.
Enter in Exhibit A, the Affidavit, God’s Word to us,
That He would never leave or forsake us was His promise.
Enter in Exhibit B, the Blood, shed for remission of our sin,
The sting of death is pardoned for all of the Christians.
Enter in Exhibit C, the Cross, which is the Fruitful Tree,
Its seed produced the Resurrection and now the grave has no victory.
The Tribunal of Jesus Christ is our ABC’s,
The Public Defender rests His case and we are all set Free.
Not the same fortune for the accuser who is bound into chains,
Thrown into the Abyss of Hades is where he will remain.
The dead now enter in and as they come,
A probation period is given, it’s called the Millennium.
This is it, one final chance to come into the Truth,
For in one thousand years the devil will be loosed.
He will gather his troops before time expires,
This is the second death, it’s called the lake of fire.
So when the gavel comes down and Court is adjourned,
There will be no plea bargain because we were warned.
Just One Plea will be entered into the Book of Life,
It is Innocent, if we rest upon the Tribunal of Jesus Christ.

a servant of the Lord


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