Purple Heart


Gen 3:15
1 Peter 2:11
Fleshly lusts do war against the soul,
There is a battle from within.
A dog returns to its vomit,
But man returns to his sin.
Jesus will not leave one behind,
The Lord knows where we are.
Hiding from Him in our shame,
On our heel the serpents’ bite leaves a combative scar.
We are the Lords bruisers,
Within the body Church there are satan’s fiery darts.
Forgot the Shield of Faith inside His house of prayer,
A wounded warrior now carries a meddled Purple Heart.
Christ offers His recovery plan,
To set at liberty them that are bruised.
Repentance will get us standing again,
And His Cross realizes that we are used.
So no matter what is our rank,
We lose our stripes to Him for the healing to start.
The Badge of Merit is Jesus Christ,
Our transgressions and iniquities were placed as a medaled Purple Heart.
a servant of the Lord


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