The Teacher


Man teaches religion, tells us how to pray,
But Christ is the Teacher, He is the only Way.
O, if man could only see,
That it is only Christ who will set us free.
We are all in school, welcome to His class,
We do not want to fail, we want a grade that will pass.
The text book is the Bible, open it up and try,
Mary Magdalene said it best with her word, Rabboni!
The Teacher gives us lessons so that we learn,
Have you done your homework?, if not, the lesson will return.
The students are the apples of the Teacher’s eyes,
Graduating students don’t bring rotten ones when they die.
The student’s history is what they will leave,
The Book of Life is the diploma that they receive.
So put on that gown and crown for all eternity,
The Teacher now gives us our Master Degree.
a servant of the Lord


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