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White Wombies


Revelation 7: 13-17

Prepare the children for their rest,
By putting on them white wombies is the best.
Wombies keep them warm and secure,
Helps keep the heart to remain so pure.
Jesus said that we could not enter Heaven,
Unless we became as little children.
When we enter into Heaven we will see,
All of us children dressed in white wombies.
Warm acts of righteousness are what we will wear,
Hopefully more than a thong wombie when we are there.
Wombies are sewn when we feed the poor,
Or clothe the naked, a wombie for sure.
So come to the bed of the Throne of the Lamb and we will see,
Under the cover of Fort Jesus, will be white wombies.
So put on them wombies now by giving out some love,
A warm set is awaiting us when we go above.
In Heaven there will be no crybabies,
It seems to be due to the fact of these white wombies.
a servant of the Lord


Whose P.O. Box is of Jehovah-Shammah


Psalm 15

The question that should come from out of our mouth,
Is, Lord, who will abide in Your House?
The answer seems to be given,
In The Way we are liven.
Whose feet take steps of Faith in his walk,
Whose tongue does not backbite in his talk.
Whose hands do what is right in his work,
Whose smile at the neighbor is not in his smirk.
Whose conscience is clear from a pure heart not his lust.
Whose eyes see no evil without his disgust.
Whose legs walk uprightly in his Honesty and Truth,
Whose ears understand from his youth.
Whose honor goes to those who fear the Lord,
Whose money is not lent out for his hoard.
Whose word is kept even if it is in his pain,
Whose permanent address will be his gain.
Who does these things shall never be moved from this place,
Who will now be able to look into His face.
Who will be in Heaven? , This is what I saw,
Whose P.O. Box is of Jehovah-Shammah.

a servant of the Lord

Purple Heart


Gen 3:15
1 Peter 2:11
Fleshly lusts do war against the soul,
There is a battle from within.
A dog returns to its vomit,
But man returns to his sin.
Jesus will not leave one behind,
The Lord knows where we are.
Hiding from Him in our shame,
On our heel the serpents’ bite leaves a combative scar.
We are the Lords bruisers,
Within the body Church there are satan’s fiery darts.
Forgot the Shield of Faith inside His house of prayer,
A wounded warrior now carries a meddled Purple Heart.
Christ offers His recovery plan,
To set at liberty them that are bruised.
Repentance will get us standing again,
And His Cross realizes that we are used.
So no matter what is our rank,
We lose our stripes to Him for the healing to start.
The Badge of Merit is Jesus Christ,
Our transgressions and iniquities were placed as a medaled Purple Heart.
a servant of the Lord

In Christ’s Wounds


In Christ’s wounds we are stranded.
Not alone, but we are banded.
As One Pearl of great price is He.
His pearl necklace consists of you and me.

In Christ’s wounds we are stranded.
Not forlorn, but we are multi-handed.
As One Pearl value increases all days.
Our hands fasten the clasp with His Praise.

In Christ’s wounds we are stranded.
Not helpless, but we have landed.
As One Pearl is found, we should sell.
Everything that is between our mantle and shell.

In Christ’s wounds we are stranded.
Not solitaire, but we are grandstanded.
As One Pearl is our goal.
The gems created are the soul.

In Christ’s wounds we are stranded.
Not perfect, but we are sanded.
As One Pearl is the Divine.
We are polished to an everlasting shine.

a servant of the Lord

A Basket of Summer Fruit


Amos 8

A basket of summer fruit,
Sits in our eye’s delight.
Only to spoil,
From within the plight.
The temple songs,
Turned to barkings at the new moon.
To leave for the sale of corn?
This pitch is in the wrong tune.
Goodbye to the sabbath,
To set forth the wheat.
Making the ephah small and the shekel great,
And falsifying the balances by deceit?
They barked up the wrong tree,
For that day came real soon.
When at the Cross of Calvary,
The sun went down at noon.
Behold, this day now cometh forth,
A famine in the land.
Not of bread or water,
But of hearing the Lord’s Word on hand.
From north even to east,
Wandering sea to sea.
The fair virgins and young men,
Fainting because they are thirsty.
Swear upon thy god that liveth,
Thy honour is in its loot.
Thy manner will fall into,
A summer basket of fruit.



HalleluYHVH, HalleluYHVH, HalleluYHVH.
Sing Praise to the Father and the Son.
Sing Praise to the Light that is called Day.
Sing Praise for they are One.

HalleluYHVH, HalleluYHVH, HalleluYHVH.
Sing Praise to the Holy Ghost.
Sing Praise to Jesus who is The VH.
Sing Praise for the Heavenly host.

HalleluYHVH, HalleluYHVH, HalleluYHVH.
Sing Praise to the Trinity.
Sing Praise to our Adonai.
Sing Praise for His Sovereignty.

HalleluYHVH, HalleluYHVH, HalleluYHVH.
Sing Praise to Elohim.
Sing Praise to our Fiancé.
Sing Praise for our soul He redeems.

HalleluYHVH, HalleluYHVH, HalleluYHVH.
Sing Praise to The Almighty I AM.
Sing Praise to the Holy Highway.
Sing Praise for our Precious Lamb.

HalleluYHVH, HalleluYHVH, HalleluYHVH.
Sing Praise to Emmanuel.
Sing Praise to the Zoe.
Sing Praise for the message of the Gospel.

HalleluYHVH, HalleluYHVH, HalleluYHVH.
Sing Praise to Messiah.
Sing Praise to Him we Pray.
Sing Praise for the elaia.

HalleluYHVH, HalleluYHVH, HalleluYHVH.
HalleluYHVH, HalleluYHVH, HalleluYHVH.
HalleluYHVH, HalleluYHVH, HalleluYHVH.

a servant of the Lord

“Thy love is better than wine.”


Nothing gives the believer so much joy as fellowship with Christ. He has enjoyment as others have in the common mercies of life, he can be glad both in God’s gifts and God’s works; but in all these separately, yea, and in all of them added together, he doth not find such substantial delight as in the matchless person of his Lord Jesus. He has wine which no vineyard on earth ever yielded; he has bread which all the corn-fields of Egypt could never bring forth. Where can such sweetness be found as we have tasted in communion with our Beloved? In our esteem, the joys of earth are little better than husks for swine compared with Jesus, the heavenly manna. We would rather have one mouthful of Christ’s love, and a sip of his fellowship, than a whole world full of carnal delights. What is the chaff to the wheat? What is the sparkling paste to the true diamond? What is a dream to the glorious reality? What is time’s mirth, in its best trim, compared to our Lord Jesus in His most despised estate? If you know anything of the inner life, you will confess that our highest, purest, and most enduring joys must be the fruit of the tree of life which is in the midst of the Paradise of God. No spring yields such sweet water as that well of God which was digged with the soldier’s spear. All earthly bliss is of the earth earthy, but the comforts of Christ’s presence are like Himself, heavenly. We can review our communion with Jesus, and find no regrets of emptiness therein; there are no dregs in this wine, no dead flies in this ointment. The joy of the Lord is solid and enduring. Vanity hath not looked upon it, but discretion and prudence testify that it abideth the test of years, and is in time and in eternity worthy to be called “the only true delight.” For nourishment, consolation, exhilaration, and refreshment, no wine can rival the love of Jesus. Let us drink to the full this evening.

Spurgeon’s Daily Devotional