Whose P.O. Box is of Jehovah-Shammah


Psalm 15

The question that should come from out of our mouth,
Is, Lord, who will abide in Your House?
The answer seems to be given,
In The Way we are liven.
Whose feet take steps of Faith in his walk,
Whose tongue does not backbite in his talk.
Whose hands do what is right in his work,
Whose smile at the neighbor is not in his smirk.
Whose conscience is clear from a pure heart not his lust.
Whose eyes see no evil without his disgust.
Whose legs walk uprightly in his Honesty and Truth,
Whose ears understand from his youth.
Whose honor goes to those who fear the Lord,
Whose money is not lent out for his hoard.
Whose word is kept even if it is in his pain,
Whose permanent address will be his gain.
Who does these things shall never be moved from this place,
Who will now be able to look into His face.
Who will be in Heaven? , This is what I saw,
Whose P.O. Box is of Jehovah-Shammah.

a servant of the Lord


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