Were You My…


Were you my dreams, they would come true.
Were you my eyes, I would finally see.
Were you my ears, I would understand.
Were you my lips, they would remain soft.
Were you my tongue, I would tame my speech.
Were you my mouth, I would sing out songs.
Were you my teeth, they would smile so bright.
Were you my chin, I would hold it up.
Were you my spine, I would have backbone.
Were you my shoulders, they would find some rest.
Were you my arms, I would hold so dear.
Were you my hands, I would do His will.
Were you my fingers, they would heal.
Were you my legs, I would be able to stand.
Were you my feet, I would dance with joy.
Were you my knees, they would bow in prayer.
Were you my blood, I would not boil.
Were you my heart, I would ponder the treasure.
Were you my lungs, they would expand on life.
Were you my Lord, You would be Jesus Christ.
a servant of the Lord


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