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Cut Twice




Your choice to keep a new song,
Inside you for nine months long,
Is an instrument of the Lords,
That plays an umbilical cord.
An umbilical cord.
For whose sake?
Did the string break.
Born to be your ward,
But, What happened to the umbilical cord?
The umbilical cord.
The navel can be an inny,
Or it can be an outty,
Hidden from this hoard,
Was once my umbilical cord,
My umbilical cord.
As I grew and as I played,
Mama said, There would come a day,
When the sword,
Would again cut her umbilical cord.
Her umbilical cord.
Miles apart now that I have grown,
Mama waits alone by the phone,
My nourishment was now being conveyed through a telephone cord.
When did Mama cut her umbilical cord?
Mama cut her umbilical cord.
Years passed by and Mama did die,
And as I cried I screamed out, “Why?”
It now was my turn to let go and to be in accord,
I would have to cut our umbilical cord.
Our umbilical cord.
A son you have until he takes a wife,
A daughter you have all of her life,
Being a family is O so nice,
The umbilical cord needs to be cut twice.
We need to be cut twice.

a servant of the Lord



First Woe


Revelation 9:1-12

Cast forth into this world age,
The actors take on a role.
This thing called life is but a stage,
Cast ones eyes on the direction of thy soul.
Cast lots for thy auditions,
The casting couch is already.
This act can be of adultery and fornication,
Cast into a bed of iniquity.
Cast down the dragon of Tyre,
The corsair of his sinking ship rests.
This merchant is a trader,
Cast about the Abyss treasure chest.
Cast away from the vestibule of hell,
The caparison of demons ornamentally adorned.
This theatre of life that plays expels,
Cast off the sorrow of the mourned.
Cast the stinging tail pain of Scorpio,
The infernal locusts have commands from the Throne.
This curtain is drawn open as the first woe,
Cast thy solicitude upon Jesus or thou will be on thy own.

a servant of the Lord

Five and Half Months of Reign


This season is one of warmth with that spring sun,
Weddings, picnics and parties, everyone is having fun.
Celebrating with beer, wine and champagne,
They did not see it coming, the five and half months of reign.
Like the days of Noah, when they had the flood,
Except water will not be the cause of the spill of the blood.
Peace! Peace! Peace!, they will all feign,
To keep us unprepared for the five and half months of reign.
A third lost to pestilence and a third to the sword,
All flesh would be lost if it were not for our Lord.
Plenty of food for the birds along the terrain,
It is the worst storm to come yet, the five and half months of reign.
Hail, lightning and wonders are coming our way,
From the false messiah, to bewilder his prey.
Don’t be deceived by how he is so vain,
The forecast is for five and half months of reign.
Then our Lord comes back to make everything right,
This time it will be in a flood of Light.
True Glory, Honor and Power will be seen once again,
In the Rainbow of Christ Jesus that comes after the reign.

a servant of the Lord

Fruit of the Tree


Body = Bread + Blood = Wine = Tree of Eternal Life

The forbidden fruit of that autumn tree,
Was not to be eaten by Adam or Eve.
The bite was taken and the leaves did fall,
Death was the penalty for one and for all.
Here is the reason if you do not know why,
God said, For when you eat of it you will surely die.
Deceived by that slithery snake,
Man had to be restored for God’s sake.
The yield Fruit of the Living Tree,
Would have to come from Adam’s seed.
The Fountain of Youth, well, it is found in the spring,
This Tree was planted then, for eternal life it would bring.
This Fruit would bear life to all who have loss,
The stem of this Fruit is the Cross.
The pulp is bread and the juice is wine,
This is the Life that flows through the True Vine.
Then blossoms on the branches will show off the Fruit,
Pruning Love, Joy and Peace as a growing, tender shoot.
So do not eat from that ancient, sinful, poisonous tree,
But, eat and drink the Living Fruit, In remembrance of Me.
Remain in the True Vine to bear Fruit and do not stop,
Let us give the Gardner the cream of the crop.
On Sabbath day, while you just sit in the pew,
Think about how, The harvest is plenty, but the workers are few.
Go pick the Fruit and share it with all,
It began in the spring and ended the fall.
What will this Sweet Fruit of the Living Tree give?
God says, For when you eat of it you will surely live.

a servant of the Lord



There is an intimate revolution,
Beginning to take place.
All across the world,
We can see it in the face.
There is this little area,
That will make you hot to trot.
Let it come through the lips,
When we find the G-Spot.
There are some walls surrounding,
This treasure of a jewel.
Allow the tip of the tongue,
To be used as a kind of tool.
Hold on to your head,
Your legs are about to shake.
This one is for real,
There is no need for the fake.
The climax to this story,
Will be when we impart.
That this is not sexual,
It is the G-Spot of the Heart.
That spot in the Heart,
That God can only fill.
Until those walls come tumbling down,
He will not seem real.
But, when He enters in,
The tongue will use His speech.
The lips will kiss Him back,
Up to heaven they will reach.
They pierced our Lord Jesus,
On the Cross of Calvary.
The tip of the sword,
Marked the spot for you and me.
So when the strings are tugging,
And you feel that ole soft spot.
The Heart will begin to swell,
From the intimacy of the G- Spot.
Here is a way to change the world,
Why not give it some thought?
The most excellent way to come,
Begins with the Hearts G-Spot .

a servant of the Lord

Here Comes the Groom


Here comes the bride, you have heard it said, but,
Here comes the Groom, it should be instead.
The Groom has left His cup upon the table,
Lift it up and drink of it if you are able.
Let Him know that you accept His proposal,
The cup is up to the individual.
Keep watch with oil while He prepares your room,
The sound of the trumpet means, Here comes the Groom.
There are many mansions inside His Father’s house,
One and everyone is for the Groom’s spouse.
In the beginning we have our first sight,
When God said, Let there be Light.
Then brought forth through Mary’s virgin womb,
His physical appearance, Here comes the Groom.
We could not stay awake in the Garden for one hour of prayer,
Rise! Let us go! Here comes my betrayer!
Sentenced to die, Crucify him! Crucify him!, the response,
The promise was nailed and engaged our fiance’.
Taken down and laid in a tomb,
Three days later, Here comes the Groom.
The Groom wore a shroud and the bride a veil,
Covering innocence, not shame, to Christ’s avail.
Our veil will be lifted when we turn to His side,
The church is after all, the bride.
Wash your robes so you have the right to the Tree of Life,
Through the threshold of the city He will take His wife.
He says, Yes, I Am coming soon.,
The bride says, Yes, Here comes the Groom.

a servant of the Lord


Honor Code


I broke the code, O lucky me.
Back to bondage, no longer free.
It’s not like I did not see.
A deliberate sin, mentally.
It manifested back the past,
How long is this going to last?
I thought we were having such a blast.
Now my soul is so downcast.
Forgive me Father for I have sinned.
Blot this out so we can mend.
I need Your presence to attend,
Let me feel You in Your wind.
Enter back into my lode.
Set up residence at this abode.
Refine me like purified gold.
So I never again break our Honor Code.

a servant of the Lord