White Wombies


Revelation 7: 13-17

Prepare the children for their rest,
By putting on them white wombies is the best.
Wombies keep them warm and secure,
Helps keep the heart to remain so pure.
Jesus said that we could not enter Heaven,
Unless we became as little children.
When we enter into Heaven we will see,
All of us children dressed in white wombies.
Warm acts of righteousness are what we will wear,
Hopefully more than a thong wombie when we are there.
Wombies are sewn when we feed the poor,
Or clothe the naked, a wombie for sure.
So come to the bed of the Throne of the Lamb and we will see,
Under the cover of Fort Jesus, will be white wombies.
So put on them wombies now by giving out some love,
A warm set is awaiting us when we go above.
In Heaven there will be no crybabies,
It seems to be due to the fact of these white wombies.
a servant of the Lord


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