Vice Has Overpowered Virtue


(Isaiah 1)

As a nation we have turned away,
As a church we have gone astray.
Does anybody have a clue?
Vice has overpowered virtue.
There’s mother earth and united nation’s deity,
False religions and hugging of tree’s.
Is it any wonder why God withdrew,
Vice has overpowered virtue.
I did it, I did it, it was me!
Anything else but Christianity.
What is it that man pursues?
Vice has overpowered virtue.
Our wine is mixed with water and our silver is dross,
We keep shedding innocent blood, forgetting the Cross.
Taxing the people for more revenue,
Vice has overpowered virtue.
Our leaders are rebellious and companions of thieves,
Their hands take bribes, amassing rewards that they receive.
Is not this what our forefathers overthrew?
Vice has overpowered virtue.
Do we defend the fatherless or the cause of the widow?
Harlots and murderers are what we bestow.
The wrath of God is long overdue,
Vice has overpowered virtue.
If we were obedient we would eat the good of the land,
But since we rebel, we will be smitten by His hand.
Every Word of the Bible is so true,
Vice has overpowered virtue.
Justice, prudence, temperance and fortitude,
Faith, hope and love is our beatitude.
Where have they gone?, they are not in our view,
Vice has overpowered virtue.
Rebuke the oppressor, don’t buy into his lie,
he is the one sentenced to die.
Let us give him a final adieu,
Vice has overpowered virtue.
The Lord says, Ah, I will rid Myself of My adversaries,
And take vengeance on My enemies.
This is what He will undo,
Vice has overpowered virtue.
a servant of the Lord


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