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What’s up with this Marriage of the Lamb?
Do we believe in it or is it a scam?
Is there proof in the pudding so we can see?
The evidence is in the Dowry.
The Dowry He gave was His Life,
He gave it to the Father for His Wife.
“Father, Into thy hands I commend my spirit”, He sang,
The Dowry was accepted and the Church bells rang.
The Holy Veil was lifted and the Earth did quake,
The dead arose to the Bridegrooms handshake.
Taking them out of the chamber of Sheol,
And into Paradise the betrothed will now go.
The Ring was sent at Pentecost in the upper room,
The baptismal of fire is the Dowry of the Groom.
Now we are no longer just friends,
Jesus now calls us to be His brethren.
Espouse our soul into His family,
The proof in the pudding is the Dowry.
Not just the Way of life, but also a Place,
The Dowry will be that look in His Face.
I Am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine,
Adorned in fine linen, it is time to dine.
The Dowry is proof that the Marriage is not a scam,
The Dowry is now Mr. & Mrs. Lamb.

a servant of the Lord


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