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Euangelion -The Good News


Jesus is the Gospel,

For those whose ears can hear.

The others are lacking Wisdom,

They have no Godly Fear.

Jesus is the Gospel,

It is why creation sings.

These songs are not temporal,

Our Psalms are Everlasting.

Jesus is the Gospel,

Thy Kingdom is at hand.

The Promise of the inheritance,

Is the Holy Land.

Jesus is the Gospel,

The Resurrection is that of God’s Will.

Validating Yeshua’s Life,

All the Promises now fulfill.

Jesus is the Gospel,

From the Resurrection we now have Grace.

We are the called of Jesus Christ,

Entering into this Christian race.

Jesus is the Gospel,

Don’t be blinded by His story.

His body continues to proclaim,

The Gospel of Christ’s Glory!



a servant of the Lord






The 1st Responder

sacrifice-Genesis-3-21 2.jpg

The First Responder

Genesis 3:21

21 Unto Adam also and to his wife did the Lord God make coats of skins, and clothed them.


YHVH walked into the Garden of Eden, not away,

The First Responder would show us The Way.

By responding to original sin,

The original shedding of blood would begin.


Then wool suits would be what they would wear,

Until The Tree of Yeshua, our sins He would now bare.

Our covering we wear now is the kapporeth,

The Mercy Seat takes away the sting of death.


If we accept the red, shed blood from the nails of His Hands and feet,

The First Responder now clothes us in our white robes when we meet.

The Gift that keeps giving is that of Grace,

So we now can stand face to face.


We are not to go run and hide if we sin,

The first responders are to run to Him.

We are all saved by the second Adam’s Life,

Covering us up as the second Eve, His faithful wife.



a servant of the Lord