Just Like the Days of Noah


Just like the days of Noah,
The world needs to repent.
Today is the time to do it,
Or the storm will be sent.
There is a lasting covenant,
To come into the ark.
Two of every sort,
Male and female will embark.
God says to come into the ark,
To bring thyself and thy house.
Where man will be loved by God,
As His one and faithful spouse.
Inside the Ark is written,
The testament of the law.
On the passenger list is,
Jeph and Tsela Ishshah.
Our tickets have been purchased,
So come on aboard.
Following the narrow path,
And through the only Door.
There is one other thing,
That God wants us to see.
That there is in place,
A window of opportunity.
It is not by chance,
That when the reign begins.
The Spirit of the Lord,
Will be poured out upon men.
Just like the days of Noah,
Men do not want to enter in.
Does anyone see a difference,
Between now and then?
There also is a man named Moses,
Who represents the law.
He was put inside the ark,
Like Jeph and Tsela Ishshah.
To call his people out of bondage,
And to set them free.
But to live according to the law,
Comes a lot of responsibility.
An aron was built,
And refers to the Ark of the Covenant.
Some look at it as a coffin,
But it is sacrificant.
These arks are all Christ types,
To show us the outside and within.
Outside is the invading force,
And inside is the protection.
Come on inside of the ark,
And avoid the final test.
Just like Noah’s name means,
In it is our rest.
The Ark is Jesus Christ my friend,
There is no other way.
He is the Savior of this ship,
Do not be a castaway.
Just like the days of Noah,
Evil is the contagion.
This dreadful disease has been given a name,
It is called Legion.
Though it is an epidemic,
There is but one righteous man.
He is our Ark, our Savior,
Captain and Husbandman.
The prescription that He gives us,
Is to follow the law.
The remedy has cured this living soul,
Of Jeph and Tsela Ishshah.
The covenant of marriage,
Has been turned into sin.
The sons of God are marrying,
The daughters of men.
Is this happening with just one nation,
Or the world as a whole?
We need the blossoms of Aaron’s rod,
And the manna from the golden bowl.
But the blossoms have turned to iron,
And the manna is now incense.
Fire of lightnings and voices, thunderings and an earthquake,
A great hail of the weight of a talent will be the consequence.
Just like the days of Noah,
Christ’s church has been sawing away.
Building an ark called the body,
Since victory was won on Calvary.
We must first come into God’s rest,
Or enter into the grave.
Then go into the world,
Making disciples out of the slaves.
To take the L out of the world,
Then the word is what remains.
There is no chance in L,
Because from sin we would have to abstain.
To do what is right,
Is defined within the law.
This Truth and Grace in Jesus Christ,
Was given freely to Jeph and Tsela Ishshah.
It is time to turn from sin to God,
And from below to above.
From self to Jesus Christ our Lord,
And from hate to Love.
Wake up and smell the coffee,
The storm is on its way.
Get in the ark of Jesus Christ,
Here comes the Lord’s Day.
Just like the days of Noah,
There will be seven extra days.
To stop the corruption and violence on earth,
Or the storm will come our way.
The testament will be shut up,
And there will be no more of God’s law.
That is why you need to be in the ark,
With Jeph and Tsela Ishshah.
It took seven days of creation,
And now seven plagues to devastate.
Seven bowls of wrath and seven trumpets to announce,
The arrival of heaven’s gate.
Psalm 29, verse 10 says,
The Lord sits upon the flood.
This storm is not of water,
But of prophets, saints and slain blood.
There will be so much blood flowing,
It will look like the Red Sea.
The ark will part these waters,
And take us back in His safety.
Back to the place of rest,
Where it all began.
Where death entered into this world,
At the fall of man.
The Cross crushed the serpents head,
But it has been bruising the church’s heel.
This flood will be leaving a lasting mark,
Upon his head will be a seal of a weal.
Just like the days of Noah,
History has turned around.
We are at the crossroad,
Where the curse will be lifted from the ground.
This storm is on its way my friend,
Like a massive hurricane.
The disciple’s boat survived the storm,
With Jesus at its reign.
The lacking was not of fear but of faith,
The lesson we should learn.
Will history repeat itself,
When Jesus Christ returns?
This is not a ship of fools,
But a ship built around law.
It is filled wit martyrs and saints,
And Jeph and Tsela Ishshah.
Is the faith of the centurion,
In Israel what we need?
Or is all we need to rebuke this storm,
Faith the size of a grain of a mustard seed?
So stand up and face this storm,
We are going back in time.
We tried to make it clear for you,
By doing it in rhyme.
Just like the days of Noah,
The end of the world is near.
It has happened many times before,
But now is the Kingdom years.
God changed the river of blood,
Into a river in Paradise.
We are going back to the Garden with God,
And we will be serving Jesus Christ.
There needs to be two witnesses,
To confirm the law.
When Jesus Christ weds His church,
There will be Jeph and Tsela Ishshah.
Jesus Christ is the second Adam,
And from out of His side.
There is the second Eve,
His rib of Israel, the church, or His bride.
It is finished, from the Cross,
Were words spoken from the Son.
From the throne God’s word now says,
It is done.
We have journeyed back to the beginning,
Depart the ark on the right.
To the Kingdom prepared from the foundation of the world,
of Abba and Jesus Christ’ Spirit, Word and Light.

a servant of the Lord


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