In Memory of Her


(Mark 14:3-9;John 12:3-8;Song 1:12)

Just another thing that she wanted to do,
For her Lord Jesus she sure knew.
To anoint His body from head to toe,
With nard she’d been saving from awhile ago.
She broke the jar and then she poured,
A treasure in Heaven is where it is stored.
The fragrance filled the entire room,
This scent of a woman remains with our Groom.
Her deed was a lasting one for sure,
The Gospel preaches in memory of her.
While the King sits at His table,
His fragrance sent forth will be her label.
She did what she could do,
To prepare for His burial that was now due.
We will always have the poor,
And the smell of spikenard we shall all adore.
As we meet Jesus face to face,
And then He puts us in our place.
That sweet smell of Jesus that will seem so pure,
Is the Love accepted in memory of her.

a servant of the Lord


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