Cut Twice




Your choice to keep a new song,
Inside you for nine months long,
Is an instrument of the Lords,
That plays an umbilical cord.
An umbilical cord.
For whose sake?
Did the string break.
Born to be your ward,
But, What happened to the umbilical cord?
The umbilical cord.
The navel can be an inny,
Or it can be an outty,
Hidden from this hoard,
Was once my umbilical cord,
My umbilical cord.
As I grew and as I played,
Mama said, There would come a day,
When the sword,
Would again cut her umbilical cord.
Her umbilical cord.
Miles apart now that I have grown,
Mama waits alone by the phone,
My nourishment was now being conveyed through a telephone cord.
When did Mama cut her umbilical cord?
Mama cut her umbilical cord.
Years passed by and Mama did die,
And as I cried I screamed out, “Why?”
It now was my turn to let go and to be in accord,
I would have to cut our umbilical cord.
Our umbilical cord.
A son you have until he takes a wife,
A daughter you have all of her life,
Being a family is O so nice,
The umbilical cord needs to be cut twice.
We need to be cut twice.

a servant of the Lord



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