Fruit of the Tree


Body = Bread + Blood = Wine = Tree of Eternal Life

The forbidden fruit of that autumn tree,
Was not to be eaten by Adam or Eve.
The bite was taken and the leaves did fall,
Death was the penalty for one and for all.
Here is the reason if you do not know why,
God said, For when you eat of it you will surely die.
Deceived by that slithery snake,
Man had to be restored for God’s sake.
The yield Fruit of the Living Tree,
Would have to come from Adam’s seed.
The Fountain of Youth, well, it is found in the spring,
This Tree was planted then, for eternal life it would bring.
This Fruit would bear life to all who have loss,
The stem of this Fruit is the Cross.
The pulp is bread and the juice is wine,
This is the Life that flows through the True Vine.
Then blossoms on the branches will show off the Fruit,
Pruning Love, Joy and Peace as a growing, tender shoot.
So do not eat from that ancient, sinful, poisonous tree,
But, eat and drink the Living Fruit, In remembrance of Me.
Remain in the True Vine to bear Fruit and do not stop,
Let us give the Gardner the cream of the crop.
On Sabbath day, while you just sit in the pew,
Think about how, The harvest is plenty, but the workers are few.
Go pick the Fruit and share it with all,
It began in the spring and ended the fall.
What will this Sweet Fruit of the Living Tree give?
God says, For when you eat of it you will surely live.

a servant of the Lord


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