First Woe


Revelation 9:1-12

Cast forth into this world age,
The actors take on a role.
This thing called life is but a stage,
Cast ones eyes on the direction of thy soul.
Cast lots for thy auditions,
The casting couch is already.
This act can be of adultery and fornication,
Cast into a bed of iniquity.
Cast down the dragon of Tyre,
The corsair of his sinking ship rests.
This merchant is a trader,
Cast about the Abyss treasure chest.
Cast away from the vestibule of hell,
The caparison of demons ornamentally adorned.
This theatre of life that plays expels,
Cast off the sorrow of the mourned.
Cast the stinging tail pain of Scorpio,
The infernal locusts have commands from the Throne.
This curtain is drawn open as the first woe,
Cast thy solicitude upon Jesus or thou will be on thy own.

a servant of the Lord


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