Here Comes the Groom


Here comes the bride, you have heard it said, but,
Here comes the Groom, it should be instead.
The Groom has left His cup upon the table,
Lift it up and drink of it if you are able.
Let Him know that you accept His proposal,
The cup is up to the individual.
Keep watch with oil while He prepares your room,
The sound of the trumpet means, Here comes the Groom.
There are many mansions inside His Father’s house,
One and everyone is for the Groom’s spouse.
In the beginning we have our first sight,
When God said, Let there be Light.
Then brought forth through Mary’s virgin womb,
His physical appearance, Here comes the Groom.
We could not stay awake in the Garden for one hour of prayer,
Rise! Let us go! Here comes my betrayer!
Sentenced to die, Crucify him! Crucify him!, the response,
The promise was nailed and engaged our fiance’.
Taken down and laid in a tomb,
Three days later, Here comes the Groom.
The Groom wore a shroud and the bride a veil,
Covering innocence, not shame, to Christ’s avail.
Our veil will be lifted when we turn to His side,
The church is after all, the bride.
Wash your robes so you have the right to the Tree of Life,
Through the threshold of the city He will take His wife.
He says, Yes, I Am coming soon.,
The bride says, Yes, Here comes the Groom.

a servant of the Lord



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