There is an intimate revolution,
Beginning to take place.
All across the world,
We can see it in the face.
There is this little area,
That will make you hot to trot.
Let it come through the lips,
When we find the G-Spot.
There are some walls surrounding,
This treasure of a jewel.
Allow the tip of the tongue,
To be used as a kind of tool.
Hold on to your head,
Your legs are about to shake.
This one is for real,
There is no need for the fake.
The climax to this story,
Will be when we impart.
That this is not sexual,
It is the G-Spot of the Heart.
That spot in the Heart,
That God can only fill.
Until those walls come tumbling down,
He will not seem real.
But, when He enters in,
The tongue will use His speech.
The lips will kiss Him back,
Up to heaven they will reach.
They pierced our Lord Jesus,
On the Cross of Calvary.
The tip of the sword,
Marked the spot for you and me.
So when the strings are tugging,
And you feel that ole soft spot.
The Heart will begin to swell,
From the intimacy of the G- Spot.
Here is a way to change the world,
Why not give it some thought?
The most excellent way to come,
Begins with the Hearts G-Spot .

a servant of the Lord


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