Psalm 69


Drowning in my sorrows of all the lost tomorrows,
My flesh is indeed weak.
Tears of regret have made me blind,
And my throat is so dry I cannot speak.
O God, they are so cruel when I play the fool,
My spirit is willing to cry out.
Hide not my guilt from Thee,
For my selfishness is what this is all about.
Life’s little game is within man’s shame,
Boy, dishonor covers my face.
My garments of sackcloth put on to wear,
As this fabric will mourn my disgrace.
Rescue my soul from all of my foes.
They are all there before Thee.
Pour out thine wrath upon them,
Let their eyes not be able to see.
That I Am poor and that Thy Salvation bore,
Taking away my sin upon the Cross.
O God, set me up on high,
May blotting out their names be their loss.
I will long to Praise God in song,
Magnifying Him in thanksgiving.
Not by an altar animal sacrifice,
But by seeking God in a heart that’s living.
The Lord hears His prisoners and holds them dear,
In His Resurrection He washed away our sin.
For God will save Zion and rebuild the cities of Judah,
And they that love his name shall dwell therein.

a servant of the Lord


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