Second Hand


The two hands of Time are with us,
Every hour and minute of the day.
Turning in a clockwise rotation,
Considering what they survey.
Pointing us to look forward,
To our work, rest and play.
At midnight and the twelfth hour,
Their hands come together to pray.
We understand that a broken clock,
Is right twice throughout the day.
When their hands are together,
United as one in every way.
Father Time has another part,
That completes the Face of His clock.
The Second Hand is omnipotent,
Going Tic-tock, Tic-tock, Tic-tock.
Like clockwork this Hand keeps on turning,
Throughout all eternity.
The Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
In the union that is the Trinity.
The First Hands sent were Jesus’,
That we pierced at a quarter to three.
The Second Hand was sent at Pentecost,
Who will dwell within you and me.
The Second Hand is also for marriage,
To have and hold until death do us part.
Not only as an external show piece,
But as a treasure found within the heart.
For now we see that the Second Hand,
Whose part is within Father Time.
When joined with the Hands that pray,
Sound off the wedding bells that chime.
This match was made in Heaven,
This is why the Angels sing.
Another soul has accepted the invitation,
Every Time we hear a bell ring.
And Jesus is the Pendulum,
Of this Clock that is so Grand.
The instrument that makes the wedding song,
Comes united as One in our Second Hand.

a servant of the Lord


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