O Laodicea


(Revelation 3:14-22)

O Laodicea you make God weak,
Evil triumphs and you do not speak.
Your tongue remains idle though you could be wise,
Your ears are closed and so are your eyes.
You say to yourself, I am rich and do not need a thing,
Have you forgotten about your engagement ring?
You are His Church and His Bride,
His self-sacrifying Love for you is why He died.
O Laodicea your wretched, pitiful and poor,
Blind, naked and acting as a whore.
Your deeds are lukewarm and make Jesus puke,
Out of His mouth will come His rebuke.
Depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity,
You will be weeping and gnashing your teeth when you finally see.
Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and all the prophets of old,
Who took His counsel of salve, white linen and fired refined gold.
O Laodicea you have lost your Head,
By jumping into satans bed.
Repent! Jesus is at the door and He knocks,
Open it up and He will enter and sup with His flock.
Wake up, take action and move those lazy bones,
Overcome the world and then sit down on His Throne.
Ten virgins with lamps await the Bridegroom,
When the Door is shut there is only five in the room.

a servant of the Lord


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