The Honorable Christ Jesus


Enoch Chapter 62

1. In those days the kings who possess the earth shall be punished by the angels of his wrath, wheresoever they shall be delivered up, that he may give rest for a short period; and that they may fall down and worship before the Lord of spirits, confessing their sins before him.

2. They shall bless and glorify the Lord of spirits, saying, Blessed is the Lord of spirits, the Lord of kings, the Lord of princes, the Lord of the rich, the Lord of glory, and the Lord of wisdom.

3. He shall enlighten every secret thing.

4. Thy power is from generation to generation; and thy glory for ever and ever.

5. Deep are all thy secrets, and numberless; and thy righteousness cannot be computed.

6. Now we know, that we should glorify and bless the Lord of kings, him who is King over all things.

7. They shall also say, Who has granted us rest to glorify, laud, bless, and confess in the presence of his glory?

8. And now small is the rest we desire; but we do not find it; we reject, and do not possess it. Light has passed away from before us; and darkness has covered our thrones for ever.

9. For we have not confessed before him; we have not glorified the name of the Lord of kings; we have not glorified the Lord in all his works; but we have trusted in the sceptre of our dominion and of our glory.

10. In the day of our suffering and of our trouble he will not save us, neither shall we find rest. We confess that our Lord is faithful in all his works, in all his judgments, and in his righteousness.

11. In his judgments he pays no respect to persons; and we must depart from his presence, on account of our evil deeds.

12. All our sins are truly without number.

13. Then shall they say to themselves, Our souls are satiated with the instruments of crime;

14. But that prevents us not from descending to the flaming womb of hell.

15. Afterwards, their countenances shall be filled with darkness and confusion before the Son of man; from whose presence they shall be expelled, and before whom the sword shall remain to expel them.

16. Thus saith the Lord of spirits, This is the decree and the judgment against the princes, the kings, the exalted, and those who possess the earth, in the presence of the Lord of spirits.

Revelation Chapter 19

11 And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.


The Only One that will truly bring it is Christ Jesus.  It being Peace.  It being Truth.  It being Righteousness.  It being Order.  It being Natural. The Prince of Peace is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  We all have eaten a slice of that leavened pie.  We all have been bitten by that sinful snake.  We all have fallen short and missed the mark.  Yeshua is our only hope.  Trust in Him and let us prepare for the welcoming of the Kingdom Age.  This is the dawning of a new age but first, spurious messiah’s five month reign.

God Bless you and yours




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