Enoch Chapter 57

1. In those days my eyes beheld the secrets of the lightnings and the splendours, and the judgment belonging to them.

2. They lighten for a blessing and for a curse, according to the will of the Lord of spirits.

3. And there I saw the secrets of the thunder, when it rattles above in heaven, and its sound is heard.

4. The habitations also of the earth were shown to me. The sound of the thunder is for peace and for blessing, as well as for a curse, according to the word of the Lord of spirits.

5. Afterwards every secret of the splendours and of the lightnings was seen by me. For blessing and for fertility they lighten.

Psalm Chapter 77

18 The voice of thy thunder was in the heaven: the lightnings lightened the world: the earth trembled and shook.


The Warrior of Warriors is in Heaven.  His Chariots are whirlwinds.  His Arrows are lightning.  His Voice is the Thunder.  The earth below fears God!  Why not man?  The rolling thunder kinda rolls off of God’s tongue as the Battle Cry is heard after the arrows have hit because of the difference in the speed of light and sound.  YHVH would lead the Israelites in His Chariot, or Cloud, but was rejected for an earthly king.  Thank God for Pentecost though, now we have His Holy Spirit as that Cloud leading us.  Jesus Ascended into Heaven in a Cloud, revealing the Divine Nature of Him and His Father.  He will return in a Cloud also where we will gather to Him.  Stay in the Blessings church, God does not miss the mark. He will get our attention and remind us who He is and who we are.

God Bless you and yours





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