In Denial


I am not a psychologist, so I will not ask you to lie down on the couch,
Or follow the watch to a hypnotic state.
Nor prescribe any pills with all those side effects,
Just give you the Truth, satan’s in denial about his fate.

See his lot or fortune is who he is,
The practitioner of doom, Dr. Death Phd.
Psychoses and neuroses is what will be found,
My psychoanalysis is satan’s in denial of any therapy.

His treatment of watching the doomsday clock may seem superficial or trite,
Time being short has put him under his own spell.
Psychobabble, psychedelic and psychosomatic is his emotional state,
The fact of the matter is, satan’s in denial of going to hell!

His couch, his state, his place the final separation from God,
Psuedochristo’s merciless seat.
For broad is the gate and wide is the way of psychopaths,
1-900-PSYCHIC says, satan’s in denial of having any feet.

This schizophrenic serpant does not have a leg to stand on,
Heaven is God’s throne, Earth is His footstool.
The dragon’s pill swallowed whole can try to psyche up his self,
Verily, verily, verily, satan’s in denial of being the fool.

a servant of the Lord


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