Jesus Has Some Big Feet


Another sighting of “Bigfoot” has been found.
Within the Bible the evidence will be sound.
The tracks of the Lamb of God will make us all bleat,
“Man, Jesus has some big feet!”
We might think we could walk a mile in His shoes.
However, this is what we would be better to do.
Put the red nose on as we walk through the town,
Because we would all resemble the looks of a clown.
The swaddling clothes are a sign wrapped up by His mother Mary.
Sticking out of the manger are the baby’s first booties.
“Again!”, He would tell His earthly father Joe,
“This little piggy went … ” while pulling on His big toe.
Can we imagine His first steps to His mother’s arms across the room?
She might of thought, “Well, we will no longer need a broom.”
Sticking to the Truth is where we need to abide.
But is not Jesus on the Lighter side?
Jesus grew up and as He walked the streets.
The impression left is Jesus has some big feet.
To walk on water they had to be flippers.
Clouds are now worn as His slippers.
We pierced His hands and feet in this tale.
The reminder we have is in our finger and toenails.
And His feet like unto fine brass.
When standing again will split the Mount of Olives in half.
These have to be the biggest pair.
Whose shoes are we not worthy to bear?
Jesus! Jesus! We will all repeat.
The reason is being Jesus has some big feats!

a servant of the Lord


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