A Compulsory Draft


To the called, the chosen and faithful followers,
Who should be compelled to serve?
In this camp of Jesus,
Why, we have got some nerve.
To stand firm in the calling,
Of this compulsory draft.
The lines will be made up of,
Each ones special craft.
Come on Juda, Gad and Aser,
Manasses, Nepthalim and Reuben.
He wants you, Simeon, Levi and Joseph,
Issachar, Zabulon and Benjamin.
There is another special division,
That is of the Gentile graft.
This force has taken root,
In this compulsory draft.
Onward Christian soldiers,
Put on the Armour of Light.
No provisions for the flesh,
Just a ration of Christ’s Might.
Our hearts joy is the elect,
Of this compulsory draft.
So sing this Psalm pre-battle,
From the fronts to the aft.
A call to arms is sounded,
So draw from our Living Sword.
The fall of Babylon,
It is written in the Word of our Lord.
This stealth operation,
Will come upon a waft.
He who has an ear, let him hear,
In His Compulsory Draft.

a servant of the Lord


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