Moral Suasion


Without the law sin is still there,
Man will surely die, Or was he aware?
That life matters on how he behaves,
Sin is not all that he takes into the grave.
His life will be judged and found out to be brazen,
Unless he hears the call of moral suasion.
Man is to live a life of decency,
Not enslaved to sin and complacency.
Man has God’s Word to show him the Way,
As Jesus’ life is his exemplary.
He will lose the sovereignty of his nation,
Unless he sees the need of moral suasion.
There is the other side of the coin,
Murderers, thieves and adulterers man can join.
Lovers of pleasure and money, full of greed,
A culture of death will be his only creed.
Sounds like America’s little safe haven,
Unless his sense of appeal is of moral suasion.

a servant of the Lord


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