Shalowsh Ammuwd (In a Pillar of 3)


YHVH, O He, we do stand upon thee,
In a pillar of three we do rest.
In moral excellence and purity,
Will be where we invest.
God, Goodness and Innocence,
We look up to the above.
The duty of benevolence,
Defines the clearness of unfailing Love.
Justification comes by Faith,
Our sufficiency in God is learned.
We have been given the Gift of Grace,
For in ourselves it cannot be earned.
Yet within the innermost parts,
We can find our true identity.
A written code of law in our minds and hearts,
Created in the image of moral clarity.
The fruit of the Spirit yields virtues,
Vice will unleash iniquity.
Our choices make us win or lose,
To if we are truly set free.
For if we live by the motto,
God, Goodness and Innocence.
Then the Spirit of Supplication will show,
There is a pillar of moral equivalence.

a servant of the Lord


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