That termite

(Gen. 1:1-4, Gen. 3:1-15, Ezek. 28, Rev 8:11)

Once upon a time, a cherub fell,
We somehow believe that it was just into hell.
This social destructive wood-boring worm,
Was also put in his place, we call it a Term.
Even darkness was given an appointed set of time,
Like the end sound of a sentence that is in a rhyme.
Coming to Terms is his plight.
The devil is that termite.
Once in the Garden by the Tree of Life,
Eat me, you said as you seduced Adam’s wife.
To eat dust now is all the days of your Term,
Constant reminders of man while you’re on your belly as you squirm.
Trying to overwhelm the contract’s marching orders,
That taste of death is still in your mouth, as you grow older.
Remember that walk up and down in the midst of the stones of fire,
And you thought you were a god but was found to be a liar.
Now the star that has fallen is known as wormwood,
And you would devour all of mankind if you could.
But, Jesus hung on the wooden Cross-of mankind,
The Exterminators protection is what we will find.
This worm will be devoured from within by the Light,
This will bring to Terms the end of the termite.
The smoke rises from the fire as you burn,
And in the ashes to the ground will you return.
Though first in disguise as a white ant in mans sight,
The elect will see through the transparency of that termite.
Not able to devour this sacred house,
Its foundation is built upon its Spouse.
But, oh how your place seethes,
There is wailing, weeping and gnashing of teeth.
The synagogue of satan is full of trite,
As the Terms have expired on that termite.

a servant of the Lord


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