The Fingerprint of Voice

To read, or not to read,
That is the question, verse, or fact.
The way in which it is said,
Will determine how the words will impact.
We leave their lines and whorls each day,
As an identifying, lifelong impression.
May Love, praise and song turn up,
To be our ways of expression.
It is not what that goes into the mouth,
But what comes out from the vocal cord.
Well said and True advice,
Spoken by, Jesus Christ our Lord.
The eyes have lids, the mouth has lips,
And fingers are for our ears.
Keep it clean and do not be mean,
What we leave will endear.
It is not what we say, but how it is said,
In what we will recall.
Our mark can build us up,
Or surely make us fall.
Very good!, and Try again!,
Or, You are so dumb!
It is confidence and to reassure,
Or belittle someone under our thumb.
Breathe, pause and emphasize,
Make it very clear.
Make a face or use our hands,
So long as we do hear.
Make the words roll off the tongue,
And through the lips a good choice.
It is mellifluous to the ear,
When touched by, the fingerprint of voice.

a servant of the Lord


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