The Greatest Fighter

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.
He was known as the greatest, Muhammad Ali.
Although the Greatest Fighter, just happened to be.
God’s incarnate human body, personified as a baby.
Jesus grew into this Prizefighter, trained inside Mary’s womb.
The match would be ended, as He was raised in Joseph’s tomb.
His opponent was the flesh, to try and make Him eat His lunch.
O, sure Jesus took them, but He never threw a punch.
Hooks, jabs and combinations, trying to get Him to sin.
Even tempted by the devil, but Jesus was to win.
He lived in the world, its ropes the realm of the ring.
Jesus used the rope-a-dope, to be crowned the King of Kings.
Piercing eyes of love, and a tongue as sharp as a Sword.
The Chivalry in Calvary, is what made Him Lord of Lords.
They thought it was over, the Shroud was the towel thrown in.
But the Champion’s golden belt, is the Ring around His Heart in Heaven.
Our fight is not against the flesh and blood, but against principalities.
Jesus overcame the world, now the Mediator for you and me.
Though He fought with the gloves off, His reach was so graciously.
In His left hand was humanity, In His right was divinity.
The law entered in, that the offence might abound.
But Jesus fulfilled the law, and Grace won every round.
A scheduled Decalogue rounder, the fight went all the Way.
Just as sin reigned in death, now Grace reigns through righteousness today.
The Champ is making His comeback soon, will you fight against His cause?
Or join Him in His corner, to predicate His complex sentence clause.
a servant of the Lord


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