The Last Days

(2 Timothy 3:1-9)

Biblical illiteracy has taken its toll,
Just look at the results from the latest poll.
The headlines should read in the paper today,
Where economics rules over morality,
We can’t serve two masters, it’s God or money.
Where education teaches sex to our youth,
The media covers up the Doctrine of Truth.
Where politics is a self-serving career,
Not representing the people with Godly fear.
Where religion won’t tell us what God has to say,
That Satan comes in prosperous times before the Lord’s Day.
Religion, politics, education and economics,
God needs to be put first for societies fix.
These four powers are man’s test of apostasy,
They also reveal man’s Biblical illiteracy.
Let’s keep the rebellion against wicked men,
Let Truth reveal their master, the man of sin.
There is going to be taken one final poll:
Did the Cross of Jesus save your soul?
Repent from all evil ways,
Time is short in these final days.
a servant of the Lord


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