The Rib

Genesis 2:21-25

God caused a deep sleep to fall over man,
God took out a rib and made of he a woman.
God closed up the flesh in its place,
God did not leave on man any trace.
God took out of man his best part,
God kept attached to the rib a piece of mans heart.
Flesh of mans flesh and bone of mans bone,
That piece of mans heart is his precious stone.
Inside the treasure chest of woman is where it is kept,
Taken from man while he slept.
Created while man was still in a dream,
Mans polished reflection with all of her gleam.
Not taken from the foot or from under the thumb,
The curve of a woman has now become.
Kept under the arm and on the left side,
This is where woman will abide.
The treasure map tells man where to go,
For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
Only ONE rib was taken but the heart was undone,
When joined back together they shall become one.
Both of them naked and man not ashamed of his wife,
Their flesh becomes one through procreation of Life.
Man comes from woman through the pain of birth,
The visible scar of the bellybutton is here on Earth.
The hunt for the treasure may seem to be glib,
But, what is stored up in Heaven is attached to the rib.

a servant of the Lord


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