A Basket of Summer Fruit


Amos 8

A basket of summer fruit,
Sits in our eye’s delight.
Only to spoil,
From within the plight.
The temple songs,
Turned to barkings at the new moon.
To leave for the sale of corn?
This pitch is in the wrong tune.
Goodbye to the sabbath,
To set forth the wheat.
Making the ephah small and the shekel great,
And falsifying the balances by deceit?
They barked up the wrong tree,
For that day came real soon.
When at the Cross of Calvary,
The sun went down at noon.
Behold, this day now cometh forth,
A famine in the land.
Not of bread or water,
But of hearing the Lord’s Word on hand.
From north even to east,
Wandering sea to sea.
The fair virgins and young men,
Fainting because they are thirsty.
Swear upon thy god that liveth,
Thy honour is in its loot.
Thy manner will fall into,
A summer basket of fruit.


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