Part of the Fold


Ezekiel 34: 11-12  John 10: 7-18
It is The Shepherd who counts His sheep.
Before He can go to sleep.
If but one should wander away.
Jesus will go find that stray.

Thieves and robbers are all that have come before.
But , now the sheep have The Door.
To green pastures and still waters we are led.
For our rest and to be fed.

No matter how long the journey is.
We are all counted as His.
The Good Shepherd laid down His Life.
What a Husband He is for His wife.

We know Him and His Voice.
It comes down to personal choice.
No need to follow a hireling.
When now we have our King of Kings.

He laid down His life to Raise it up again.
Freely we go in and out of the sheep pen.
O Good Shepherd with a Heart of Gold.
You have made us part of the fold.

Now lay us down to our sleep.
For our souls are Yours to keep.
And in the morning when we wake.
Lead us on the path of righteousness for The Father’s sake.
a servant of the Lord


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