Grafted Into the shade of the bramble


Judges 9:8-15
Luke 6:44

Look what is being taught in the seminaries,
It‘s the shadow of the bramble, not the Olive Tree.
Fleeing for refuge in their rapture theory,
There’s spiritual adultery with their Easter bunny.
Losing religious privileges to this so called shade,
One world religion will not make the grade.
Leaving the fatness I am afraid,
Just remember what Jesus has prayed.

Look who’s elected into offices and the judiciary,
It’s the shadow of the bramble, not the Fig Tree.
Fleeing for refuge in their culture and economy,
They are allowing immoral judges to interpret legality.
Losing national privileges to the liar,
One world political system is their desire.
Forsaking the sweetness for a bitter brier,
God will burn up the rudiments with His Fire.

Look who they worship, they think it’s divine,
It’s the shadow of the bramble, not the True Vine.
Fleeing for refuge into the mountains away from the swine,
God’s Word is now going to all align.
Losing spiritual privileges is what hurts the most,
One unforgivable sin, blasphemy against the Holy Ghost
Leaving the wine and the Lord of Hosts,
But, we will be stationed at our soldiers post.

Look above to God’s Word; wait for the return of the King of Kings,
Bajo Sus Alas, we’re Under His Wing.
Fleeing for refuge, caught up in the air we will sing,
At the 7th Trumpet, His reward will He bring.
Finding eternal privileges are only a thousand years away,
One Kingdom will reign now in the Lord’s Day.
True Peace will be here, Jesus is the Way,
At the end of the millennium, set up the Godhead, YHVH!
a servant of the Lord


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