Ram of Rams


Ram of Rams

Here is a story from the beginning it is told,

Of a certain Good Shepherd sent for His fold.

Jesus would become our Passover Lamb,

Salvation is in the Ram of Rams.

So no one could pull the wool over His eyes,

As one of us He would have to die.

Whether a ram, ewe or a little lamb,

Everyone is covered by the Ram of Rams.

Without blemish and without spot,

The Cross of Calvary is what He got.

Striking the blood on the head post and the doors jamb,

We now have communion with the Ram of Rams.

While yet we were sinners Christ died for us all,

Redeeming the curse of one mans fall.

Son of Adam, David and Abraham,

Christ Jesus is our Ram of Rams.


a servant of the Lord


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