the usurper

Revelation 6:2

He is an earthly type for you to learn from,

First he pat’s you on your back and then puts you under his thumb.

From out of nowhere he shows up for your hope and change across the land,

Not letting on that its false hope, fake change, offering only a generic brand.

He still is just a type of what is on its way,

The usurper comes first before the Lord’s Day.

Showing up on a white Trojan horse,

With him are cheap imitations of a bow and crown of course.

And he goes out conquering to conquer his enemy,

Those that find him an abomination will see through the transparency.

His armies are the fallen angels that will be unlocked from the lower pit,

Man still will not repent because they will think that he is it.

Like the days of Noah, the angels will marry and try to procreate,

But the time has been shortened to five months so the pregnancy will terminate.

Because he once was, now is not, and yet will come for a spell,

And this eighth king, who belong to the other seven are on their way to hell.

The universal city Babylon will successfully be rebuilt at Jerusalem,

The usurpers city of peace now, but it is real to them.

Just like when the True Kings Feet hit the Mount Olive and there’s an earthquake.

Jesus will cleanse this world from apostasy and this man of sin because the usurper is a fake.


a servant of the Lord


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